It´s time to stop using that word
From illusion to reality
The Perth Group and the search for truth using the scientific method
Speak less and meditate more.
From their articles, it seems they are energetically defending two illusions: COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.
"Today you don’t need to get the virus in hand."
Ronald Reagan thought we needed an alien invasion. They can do it without Aliens...Watch now (31 sec) | During a speech before the United Nations in 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke longingly for the world unity that would happen if…
Virology: A pseudoscience used as a psychological weapon to implement a global technocracy and in favor of the depopulation agenda. Watch now (58 min) | A Geopolitical view on the actual noproblem-reaction-solution with Ricardo Maarman, Faiez Kirsten and Christine Massey
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