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Wow! Thanks for introducing me to this amazing lady!!! And the book links, very grateful.

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Thankyou Misha really appreciate the link for the books which a pensioner like me cannot afford. The saying that "the love of money is the root of all evil" is so true.

If I had the power to change things the financial market speculators, philanthropists and Banksters at BIS and WorldBank and IMF would suffer first. It is there where the entrapment starts. Next would be corrupt Governments, their Reserve banks and the death penalty for corruption would ensue. I live in South Africa where it is so clear that it is corruption and the evil Public Private Partnerships the source of the corruption.

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Yes, I can second this recommendation. I bought it years ago and was astonished by its breadth. This was around the time I first came across Stefan Lanka's work. Two very remarkable people.

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