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Hey Misha,

I hope you don't mind me posting this comment here. Sorry this post is so long. If you do not want to post it or if you feel it is inappropriate, feel free to delete it. I wasted an hour or so composing this comment before I realized that this writer only allows comments from his PAID subscribers! Well, LAH-DI-FREAKIN'-DAH! I'd prefer to put this comment to good use, especially since I wasted so much time writing it!

This is in response to Jon Rappoport's recent substack post where he states an opinion on this same topic of the "no virus position" that is opposite of yours that you state in your post above. Rappoport's post is at the following link:


My comment I wrote in reply to Rappoport's post is as follows:

Rappoport is wrong, DEAD wrong about the history of what happened in our dear old, now deceased "AIDS" dissident movement! It was Rappoport's hero Peter DUESBERG who derailed the "AIDS" dissident movement. I was there when it all happened. No one made Duesberg do it. No one was holding a gun to his head, and no one forced him to do it. Duesberg did it willingly, initially by--of all things-- trying to claim the Continuum Award for proof of "isolation" of so-called "HIV"!! That "Continuum Award" campaign was NEVER directed at Duesberg in the first place!! ALL LITERATE veterans of the "AIDS dissident movement are keenly aware of this history!! That Award campaign for proof of "isolation" of "HIV" was directed at ORTHODOX jerks like Gallo and Montagnier and Fauci!

Yet PETER FREAKIN' DUESBERG felt it was prudent for HIM to step up and try to claim the award!! **THAT** was what caused the DIVISION and friction in our old "AIDS" dissident movement to GROW!! Duesberg should have done the right thing and STEPPED AWAY from the movement if he was feeling "threatened" by the serious criticisms that were being presented by Continuum Magazine and in particular the Perth Group with respect to the problems surrounding the purported "isolation" of "HIV". Duesberg should have known that this is HOW science is SUPPOSED to work! Those whose ideas LOSE do not get a right to KEEP replying! Instead, Duesberg clearly let his overblown EGO mandate that he INSERT himself into the "isolation" issue when it was NEVER necessary for HIM to do so!!

Not only that, but Duesberg received a MASSIVE pummeling from the Perth Group in response to his "claim" for the award (see: http://theperthgroup.com/CONTINUUM/PapadopolousReallyAchieved1996.pdf ), and yet he STILL thought it was smart to try to make ANOTHER attempt to claim the Continuum Award! He was clearly behaving like an EGOMANIAC! As such, Duesberg should have been kicked OUT of our old "AIDS" dissident movement by the end of the 1990s at the latest, if not by the end of 1997!!

Unfortunately, Duesberg continued in the dissident movement he was largely responsible for wrecking. After a few years with no active "Rethinking AIDS" group, Duesberg and his closest cronies did even MORE damage in a round two, a "Rethinking AIDS 2.0" that started around 2005 (see: https://tig.org.za/RA.htm ). This was when some genius from Duesberg's faction decided it would be a good idea to resuscitate the already DEAD Rethinking AIDS group and make it a resolutely DUESBERG-centered CULT. This ill-advised revival coincided with the advent of a BUSINESS plan that was being implemented by Duesberg and his multimillionaire "venture capitalist" investor and his other partners who were all working towards cashing in on Duesberg's theory of cancer causation. Duesberg and his cabal needed to CONTROL the "AIDS" dissident "movement" and use it to his advantage while also ensuring that he would have NO RESISTANCE which would possibly compromise his credibility.

As such, a CLEAR PATTERN emerged of SUPPRESSION and censorship by Duesberg and his thugs against the Perth Group and the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos in particular. There would be NO MORE debates about the "isolation" of "HIV". Not only that, but certainly there could be NO promotion allowed for Eleni and her truly groundbreaking theory of cellular function and structure, the redox theory, since it could negate Duesberg's potential MONEY-MAKING scheme to cash in on his scientifically inferior theory on cancer.

I sent an e-mail to Jon Rappoport detailing these issues last year. He either never received my e-mail, or he has chosen to IGNORE it. Rappoport used to be someone who enjoyed exploring conspiracy theories. It's sad that Rappoport--of ALL PEOPLE-- thinks it is "unconscionable" that such a conspiracy like this one could occur in his own back yard in the "AIDS" dissident movement! Yet this is precisely what happened. Also, if our fighting against these despicable, Machiavellian people in the "Duesberg faction" got so "nasty", why didn't Rappoport step up and SAY ANYTHING back during our "civil war" of the late 2000s and early 2010s??? I guess I may have missed something, however, but I do not recall ever hearing ANY comments from Rappoport when all this was going down....??


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or observations about this comment I've written. THANKS!

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It's inevitable that the scam is going to fail soon.

They keep on piling on bullshit with variants and new hybrids in order to pump up fear.

This worked for a long time. It convinced people that taking shots would make them healthy.

Nowadays, people are learning that there's many other factors to sicknesses.

We had a big lesson with toxins in East Palestine.

Sooner or later, people who have actual brains will use them and notice the truth staring at them in the face. The only hurdle is social acceptance. We're getting there with conspiracies that used to be taboo being talked about, like the JFK assassination.

Once it becomes cool to ask questions and have discourse about a topic the truth will spill out.

"The evolutionary psychologist William von Hippel found that humans use large parts of thinking power to navigate social world rather than perform independent analysis and decision making. For most people it is the mechanism that, in case of doubt, will prevent one from thinking what is right if, in return, it endangers one’s social status. This phenomenon occurs more strongly the higher a person’s social status. Another factor is that the more educated and more theoretically intelligent a person is, the more their brain is adept at selling them the biggest nonsense as a reasonable idea, as long as it elevates their social status. The upper educated class tends to be more inclined than ordinary people to chase some intellectual boondoggle. "

-Sasha Latypova

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Hi Misha,

With all due respect, your recollection of the history of the "AIDS" dissident movement is NOT accurate. Regardless of whatever position they are NOW advocating with respect to the "no virus" issue, the sad reality is that the people you mentioned as "presidents" of the "Rethinking AIDS" group all had problems or issues in the past with supporting the "no virus" perspective back during our dear old, NOW-DECEASED "AIDS" dissident movement! In fact, they all contributed to the DOWNFALL of our "AIDS" dissident movement, either through their lack of support for the Perth Group, or in some cases, their OVERT SUPPRESSION of the Perth Group's efforts at exposing the fraud of the missing "virus". Some of these men actually worked VERY HARD to stay AWAY FROM THE TRUTH about the missing "virus"!

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to review all the history that has been documented by my friend Anthony Brink and myself at the following link:


When push came to shove, in other words, when it REALLY MATTERED, these people were either M.I.A. on the missing virus issue or they ACTIVELY worked to SUPPRESS IT!! Please let me know if you have any questions about this important history or if you would just like some more information or clarification. I have additional thoughts about the MOTIVES behind all of the nasty, Machiavellian behavior that occurred during our dear old "AIDS" dissident movement.

My own history and long-term involvement in our "AIDS" dissident movement is detailed at the following link:


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