I agree 110% Misha, well said - thank you for saying it!

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Can you link to some of the hit piece articles/blog against TEoC project?

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Jul 19, 2023·edited Jul 19, 2023Liked by Misha from Gamzuletova

I treat it like I do RFK Jr.... It's a great outlet to reach more people, even if they go into things that I find to be off.

I'm happy as long as the common goal is to get transparency in science! That's what is going to start the movement to eject the academics who are really just good liars and hucksters.

With science following the scientific method, eventually they'll realize what the problem with society is. Not the people, but the management who promotes the idea that humans are weak, greedy, evil etc. The scam will be over.

And then, we can progress to other fields and start to see what is the truth there. Example: economics, politics, psychology

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Jul 19, 2023Liked by Misha from Gamzuletova

To believe what they are saying is a big step for many. Might take a while, not to long I hope

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