It was Dr. Edward Bernays who is the grandfather of modern social engineering. He taught how to mind control the masses. His program was so highly effective it converted the public who believed in new fluoride was poison to excepting it as a healthy additive to prevent tooth decay. He is method was adopted by corporations and states around the world.

Some people like yourself cannot be mind controlled

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Aug 15, 2023Liked by Misha from Gamzuletova

I've noticed it similarly to what you explain. The ones who can feel the pain and not block it out are able to see reality as it is, without the overlay imposed on society by language and other "logical" arguments.

Iain McGilchrist put it well in his book to explain that a lot of what is going on today is a result of left hemisphere thinking. That's why lies lasted so long.

From chapter 4 of Ian McGilchrist 's book The Matter with Things:

"One related difference between right and left prefrontal cortex activation is that the left dominates where belief bias points to the correct conclusion, and, by contrast, the right dominates where it does not.260 Belief bias is in fact generally associated with the left hemisphere, not with the right hemisphere.261 I"

Also chapter 4

"To put it crudely, the right hemisphere is our bullshit detector. It is better at avoiding nonsense when asked to believe it, but it is also better at avoiding falling prey to local prejudice and just dismissing rational argument because the argument does not happen to agree with that prejudice"

And as for the red pill and the matrix, a great video "you're the one" about the matrix symbolism...


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